NY Statewide Clinical Event Notifications

Actionable alerts provide real-time updates for patients in your care.

Keep informed with Clinical Event Notifications

Your patients may receive care from many different places. When patients have a clinical event, automated alerts are generated and delivered real-time, to you or your care team members.

Clinical Alerts can include:

  • Hospital in-patient admissions/discharges
  • Emergency Department admissions/discharges
  • Skilled Nursing Facility admissions/discharges

Clinical Alerts when and where you want them

All of the CHS Physician Partners attributed patients are monitored for Clinical Alerts. These alerts are pushed directly into your preferred workflow. As a registered user in the CHS Healthcare App (Practice Unite/Uniphy) or an EPIC user, an alert can be delivered to your phone and retrieved in the secure notifications section or delivered directly in your EPIC Inbox.

Contact your Practice Director or Provider Relations Representative for more information.